I believe in value for money. There are many therapists out there who charge 4 times as much as I do. But I think this is unfair. It’s partly to do with greed and it’s partly to do with the facet that if you spend a load of cash on the therapy, then you are more likely to stay off the cigarettes because you don’t want to waste the money you spent. However, I have found this to be nonsense. If you want to start smoking again, you’ll do it come what may. What I do is to charge a modest fee to make it affordable to everyone, not just the well off. Then we work through the reasons for smoking and remove those reasons from your conscious and unconscious, we work through the habit, we work through the cravings etc, until we have programmed the mind to no longer be a victim to this poison. To put you back in control again! Read more on smoking here!


To make it even better value for money, I offer a FREE backup session, should you need it! very few clients have ever returned to carry out the backup session, but I am honest enough to say that some have returned. I think in the last year 2 people have booked the follow up session. And there are reasons for this. Perhaps the person wasn’t really ready to quit in the first place, bu the initial session put them in the right frame of mind, then the follow up was enough to enforce this decision to quit for good. This free followup session is to be taken within three months of the initial session.