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A warm welcome, and a big thanks for taking the time to have a look around my specialist ‘stop smoking’ site. You are more than likely here because you want to quit smoking. You have probably looked at countless sites and ways to stop smoking for good. You have probably delayed doing anything about your habit, put it on the back burner (excuse the pun). well, I guess you are reading this because you have decided that enough is enough and this time you are going to carry it through!

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Warrington


Can you imagine telling your friends and family that you ‘QUIT”! Can you imagine what it would be like to be offered a cigarette and to say “No thank you, I don’t smoke”

How empowering would this be to you? How would your health benefit? What would you do with the extra money in your pocket? (these are all no brainers, but it’s nice to ask yourself the question).

I hold a specialist certificate award in Smoking Cessation from the National Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Cert.S.C.S.

If you’re looking for ‘stop smoking hypnosis Warrington?’ Give the local specialist a call today. Don’t put your health on the ‘back burner’! Take back control now!

Whether you smoke ten a day or 40. If you have made the decision and choice to stop smoking then simply give me a call on 0800 849 94 94.

If you require more information I will do my utmost to answer all your questions in a timely manner. If I am busy with a client,  you can leave a message with my secretary and she will make sure I get it.

The Department of Health has recommended that you consult with someone who is CNHC registered. (This applies to the disciplines registered by the CNHC).

 stop smoking Hypnotherapy in warrington


Quit Smoking Hypnosis Warrington

Kick the habit for good!


0800 849 94 94


What do I do?

Stop smoking hypnosis


Why a one stop approach?

Well, I suppose I have honed down the numerous hypnosis techniques that are available and collected and modified them to match the individual. Smokers aren’t all from the same mold, they don’t all fit within a universal character. I listen to each individual and incorporate what that person imparts, we work through the 2 hour session together, I don’t just read a stop smoking hypnosis script. You may as well buy a stop smoking hypnosis recording if that is what you are after.

The work I provide is evidence-based indicating that the hypnosis and therapeutic techniques I provide have been proven to be effective at assisting individuals achieve a positive change in their lives and this has been documented in many publications including medical journals. I see many people in Warrington for smoking cessation and a fair few travel from Manchester and Liverpool to see me, which I hope instills more confidence of my unique abilities.

If you are seeking stop smoking hypnosis in Warrington, then I am based at St James Court in the center of Warrington, Cheshire.

I Hold a specialist Smoking Cessation award in this field.



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