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Before you come along to a session it is beneficial to read this hypnosis pre-session information. This is important stuff, and will help you understand just how we can program that part of your mind that holds on to the habit of smoking. So please spend a little time reading this page.


Hypnosis pre-session information.


I will spend a little bit of time with you here on my site, before we actually begin a session, to explain a little about hypnosis and how hypnosis works. This will answer any questions you may have and dispel perhaps, any previous incorrect beliefs of hypnosis that you may have forged in the past.


If you have any questions at all as you’re reading this information, please write them down and bring them along to the session and I will be only too happy to answer them for you.


To properly understand the way hypnosis works involves just a little bit of knowledge of how the mind works. Our minds are split into two very distinct parts and these  separate parts of our minds do very different things, operating independently from one another, and unfortunately for us, they find it difficult to talk to each other.


There is the conscious part of mind, which is the part of your mind that is making sense of what you’re reading right now, it is that of your everyday awareness, it is rational and the part of the mind we think with. If you imagined your mind, as an iceberg then the conscious part is that which is visible on top of the water, the bit we know most about. Whereas, the elusive and much larger part of the iceberg lies below the surface, much like your subconscious mind. It’s the more elusive and unknown part, but just like the iceberg, we couldn’t exist without the support of it. It is like a vast storehouse of everything we’ve ever seen, smells, tasted, felt and experienced. It also controls those things outside of consciousness such as our immune system, heart rate, breathing and body temperature. It is the part of us we know the least about but nonetheless it is an extremely important part of us.


The conscious part of our minds principally does four things. Number one, it analyses, by this I mean that it is the puzzle and problem-solving part that tries to make sense out of what is happening, trying to solve certain problems and find resolution.


Just think of how many decisions you make in one day? These decisions seem so automatic, but each decision is processed by that analytical part within our mind.


The second function is the part that tends the land us in a wee bit of difficulty from time to time: this is the rational part of the conscious. How we behave as individuals is dependent on rationale. We need reasons before we behave and if we don’t have a reason for the way we behave then this can cause anxiety or frustration, as a result, this can lead to that person making excuses for their behaviour.


A smoker may believe that they smoke because it calms them down, releases stress or boredom or that it means that they can take a break. Perhaps smokers start smoking for security purposes: they want to belong to a certain group for example, or to look older or cooler. This usually starts in their early teens, and there is a reason for this. We all desire security as human beings. It is one of our fundamental needs as we grow up and perhaps we believe that our parents should provide less security when we reach our teenage years as we strive to become a little more independent, so we begin to seek security from friends, from our social circle. And perhaps some or indeed all of our friends smoked at that time?


Now the important role of the subconscious mind is to protect us against danger and this includes not getting the necessary security that we need as individuals. The unconscious mind isn’t rational and is rather childlike in its functioning, so perhaps it links smoking with being accepted as part of the group, the group that gives you the security that you need. Taking that cigarette makes it feel like you belong and security in doing so is restored. This is only one example.


So you can begin to see how certain people start the habit of smoking, it has nothing to do with being calm and relaxed. But the rational part of your mind makes all the excuses that this is what it elicits.


This leads on to the next part of the conscious, which is that of “willpower”.


And using willpower alone may be enough to some folk to give up but for others it is very much short lived. This is because willpower alone can become weaker with time until, eventually, the habit returns.


And then we have the working memory of the conscious mind. It’s the ability to recall memories on a daily basis, remembering people’s names, or remembering the route to work for example. The memories we find automatic and easy to recall. And all these functions are what the conscious part of the mind carries out from day-to-day.


But the subconscious part of our mind is different as it feeds us our emotions; it can be described as the real you. It is the part of you, that can carry out your desires and make you become the person you want to be, but it also is the part that can make us anxious, worried or sad, makes us the person we don’t want to be. It is a little bit like a computer in some respects, although far more powerful than any computer could ever be. But just like a computer, the subconscious can become programmed and reprogrammed. A bad, or unhelpful program can be overwritten with a helpful and more functioning program, for example. The computer is also irrational in that it only operates in the way it knows how, just like your subconscious, functioning on a set of rules and regulations.


You have been programming your subconscious from the day you were born, holding in the all of your life’s experiences and this helps us function in the only way we know how. The subconscious uses all the memories, good and bad, that we have experienced over the years, some of those memories are forgotten and hidden away, but they are not lost, perhaps the memory is no longer as potent as it used to be, it’s just that it’s out of the scope of conscious recollection.


If we can access this very hidden part of the mind then we can find out certain unconscious patterns and then start to alter these patterns into something more helpful to you. Also within the subconscious mind resides the function of habit, of which there are three types: good habits, bad habits and the most common, our functioning or automatic habits that we form every day, habits that elicit a behavioral response, such as opening the front door when someone rings the bell, or placing your hand over your mouth when you sneeze so as not to spread germs.


Also contained within the subconscious mind, are our emotions. Our emotions control how we feel, but sometimes it can get us in the bit of a pickle because it cannot apportion these emotions; it isn’t part of its job. But it does feed these emotions through to the conscious mind and we then act on them, however, we don’t always understand why we feel a certain way.


The most important role of the subconscious is that of our protector. Think about the situation such as driving a car on a monotonous journey and before you know it you’ve started daydreaming to relieve the boredom, You are miles away in your mind, however, you know that as soon as the car in front brakes your subconscious registers this in a split second and lets you know to hit the brake pedal. It protects us from danger. Sometimes this danger is real and sometimes it is imagined but the subconscious cannot tell the difference. It sees as both as equally real. So the subconscious tries to do what it thinks is best for us.


This is why we may feel negativity. The subconscious can readily accept negative suggestions and store them because, in essence, it is a little bit lazy, it is easier for it to accept negative thoughts because it doesn’t have to do any work in making the change towards positive behaviour. For example, If we always say to ourselves that we can’t do something, the subconscious mind reacts by thinking the same thing, if we see ourselves in the mirror and think, “I’m looking rather fat” or “wow, I look old and tired”, then the subconscious believes this to be true. We go through life thinking negative things and this programs the subconscious to function in the way it’s being taught: negatively. But look at those people who are successful, or the people who always seem to be lucky in life. This type of person is programming their subconscious with positive thoughts and beliefs, and so it behaves in the same way. They think, “I can do this” and “hey, I look fresh and alive”.


But it isn’t as simple as just changing the words because the subconscious won’t let them in easily, it may take a long time for a person to change the way the feel by simply saying something positive over and over, especially if you don’t believe in what you are saying. For a positive suggestion to work it must be allowed to pass from the conscious into the unconscious: it must be accepted before the programming can be altered. Hypnosis allows a quicker route to the unconscious!


So you want to stop smoking don’t you? So you have made the important conscious decision to do so and nothing will stand in your way. Great, so you send all those wonderful positive images to your subconscious but the barrier between the conscious and unconscious needs to be taken away. Think of it like this, the barrier between both parts of the mind is a bit like a gatekeeper that protects the subconscious from influences such as your determination to stop smoking. The gatekeeper thinks, “I don’t think I can let this program in as he’s been smoking such a long time and he/she obviously needs the cigarette for some emotional reason”, so the gatekeeper rejects the new program, and the only thing that we are left with is to use willpower alone.


So we use hypnosis to bypass this gatekeeper and let all those positive suggestions deep into the unconscious part of your mind. Basically, we convince the gatekeeper to take a well-earned rest, just for a while whilst we carry out or hypnosis. How is this done? By creating calmness and relaxation in your mind and body. When we are calm and relaxed, we cannot feel tense or anxious and it is easier to visualize and feel all the wonderful things that will assist you in creating the change you desire.


So in essence, what I do, is to help you remove your gatekeeper. You are in full control of this process despite what you may have seen or heard on the TV or radio. A hypnotist cannot control your mind, you are always in control, I cannot make you do or say anything against your moral code, you are in control, I cannot make you say something that you do not wish to, because you are in full control. Forget all about those stage hypnotists, this is all for show and entertainment. An ethical hypnotherapist would never use hypnosis for entertainment purposes or for anything else other than to help you achieve your dreams.


You will not be asleep during hypnosis, if anything, your mind will become more alert, more focused and sharp. However, you will become very deeply relaxed and calm during the process and this will heighten all your senses and help open the pathway to that very deep part of your mind.


When I give you the suggestions of positive change, you have to make certain choices, and you will be in control over whether or not the suggestions will pass through to your unconscious or they will simply be rejected. Allow the suggestions to get through and you can achieve the change that you are after, reject them and there will be no modification, no change at all.


Your choices will be;


1. “I really like the sound of that suggestion I really want that to be realised”


2. “I don’t really like the sound of that because it makes me feel a little uncomfortable”


3. “I neither like or dislike that suggestion, I’m not really that sure”


4. “I really like that suggestion but not sure it will work for me, but I hope it does”


As you can see from this example, the first choice is paramount and you have to believe in it, you have to want it without question! If you question the validity of the suggestions then you are inviting back the gatekeeper to block the door to your unconscious. Don’t hope or try to accept the suggestions you simply just need to believe in them.


For example, in the past you may decided to do something and thought to yourself, “I’m not sure if I can do this, I’ll try”, instantly this is a negative statement, whereas if you say to yourself “I am going to do this!” Then this is a positive statement and would more than likely cause a positive outcome.


So when the suggestions are spoken, I want you to believe in them as though they were real and happening to you right now.


Hypnosis works for everyone if they allow it to, however, from time to time I may come across resistance, because that person perhaps doesn’t really want the change to happen (though this may sound odd, it does happen), but being resistant will only affect you and nobody else. Hypnosis is a very naturally occurring phenomenon that we all lapse into from day-to-day, a little like daydreaming or being so involved in a book or TV programme but you lose yourself in it totally, you travel somewhere deep in your mind, almost like an altered state of awareness. My job will be to guide you into this wonderful trancelike state, and to offer up all these wonderful suggestions to help you achieve the change that you want. Your job is to trust yourself and allow these wonderful suggestions into your subconscious, to believe in them, to think positively about the whole process.


Some of the reasons that people become resistant to hypnosis are possibly because they have not been educated about the process properly by the therapist and there may be some residual fear left. But simply remember this, you are in control at all times; it is a safe and natural process.


Some people fear being stuck in hypnosis, well let me put your mind at rest, nobody has ever got stuck in hypnosis, because the person in hypnosis has full control, they can come out of hypnosis just as easy as when they entered into it. Some people believe that they may be asleep, but this really isn’t what hypnosis is all about, in fact it is the complete opposite to sleep, as all your senses will be heightened and your mind more focused. There are other people who think that the hypnotist will have full control over them and make them do something against their will, once again this is a complete misconception; the hypnotist simply cannot do this, because you are in control!


So, just to recap, you have those four choices to think about when I speak the suggestions, and you know which one is best for you, don’t you? You must accept the suggestions verbatim because I cannot force you to. Simply want it to happen and believe in your ability to change.


You and only you are responsible for your success in achieving the change that you want, and you are also responsible for your failure. It is all about your choices and attitude that governs your success. So, in Hypnosis, think positive, feel positive and accept the positive suggestions and the rest is a breeze.



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