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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist in Warrington

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who am I?

I am a compassionate and extremely experienced Hypno-Psychotherapist operating from the Evolution Hypnotherapy consulting rooms in Warrington, Cheshire.

I hold a specialist certificate in Smoking Cessation! Meaning I have completed an additional 15 hours of training in this field!

I utilise an integrative method to my therapy, utilising hypnosis and psychotherapeutic efficiencies and strategies to assist you to accomplish your dreams and reach the lasting change you want. I am proficient in recognising clients’ needs and removing the restrictions and adverse beliefs that impact individuals in their daily lives, and this also incorporates the workplace. My training and education presents me with the unique ability to work within a wide spectrum of problems and I adopt quick and innovative treatments for the issues faced by clients’ and companies each and every day.

Are you looking for a Quit smoking hypnotherapist in Warrington?

I began my participation with hypnosis in the late 90’s soon after learning self-hypnosis, and understanding the striking outcome it could have over the way we feel and think. Once I saw how potent hypnosis was there was no holding me back. I soaked up all kinds of information on hypnosis and hypnotherapy and this then lead me to educate myself professionally with the ‘National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy’. This exceptional training organisation has been operating since 1977 and provides professional training second to none.

Ok, so whats a Hypno-Psychotherapist then?.

The main differences between a hypnotherapist and a Hypno-Psychotherapist is that a Hypno-Psychotherapist is a specialist who has completed at least four years of ‘Masters Degree’ level education (approx 1800 hours) in hypnosis concurrently with its application within psychotherapy, as opposed to the four hundred hours a hypnotherapist probably would carry out to obtain a diploma solely. This suggests that I can employ my knowledge in hypnotherapy and along with this, use integrative psychotherapeutic treatments to assist you to attain your dreams.

I have been assisting people with their troubles for quit some time and I have worked closely with people in the television and movie industry, including personalities, film and movie directors as well as producers. My method is friendly, empathic and professional and I have been told on numerous occasions that I am a instinctive at putting individuals at ease, allowing you to feel relaxed and accepted. I help clients’ produce highly effective results by recognising then eradicating the very restrictions and negative beliefs that get in the way of positive change.

I have an natural skill to work sensitively and thoughtfully with clients’ encountering acute anxiety, depressive disorders, fears and phobias but I additionally help people with ‘stop smoking hypnotherapy’, weight-loss hypnotherapy, increasing self-confidence plus much more (please also see my other website for more treatments).

Through the potent use of hypnotherapy, the causes lurking behind your presented issues can be observed and then we gently chalenge and adapt to accept a fresh, and to a greater extent, positive manner of functioning.

Does Hypnosis work?.

This is definitely one of the countless queries I get asked whenever I leave the house socializing or run into new individuals, and the somewhat playful side of me answers “no’, merely to see what their response is.

But in the end I let them know that hypnosis, and particularly, hypnotherapy is a notably efficient treatment and this has been explored in large numbers of medical periodicals from around the world. It’s been with us for thousands of years in some embodiment or form, and has sat parallel to and been incorporated in other models of psychotherapy with outstanding effectiveness.

This is the reason I trained as a Hypno-Psychotherapist, I can use many forms of therapy outside of and within hypnosis and for me, and my clients, this helps shape a long-lasting outcome. There is plainly no point doing what certain hypnotherapists do and simply read out a pre-prepared script out loud to you. This might well work for some but if that’s the case you might as well purchase a pre recorded MP3 or CD containing session of hypnosis on and save yourself some money.

If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Warrington to help you quit smoking, then your search is complete!

If you place your trust in me, I will help you achieve the change you desire.


I look forward to working with you.


Hypnotherapy in warrington Cheshire?.

Hypnotherapy in warrington?.

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